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DIY Payroll vs. SurePayroll

Save time & keep yourself out of IRS trouble with SurePayroll

When you start a small business it’s tempting to handle everything yourself, including payroll. However, do-it-yourself payroll may cost you more time and money than you realize. When you manage payroll yourself, you need to calculate federal, state and local tax withholdings, make deposits and file with the appropriate agencies. You’ll also need to handle any IRS issues yourself. SurePayroll takes care of the payroll details so you can focus on growing your business.


Spend 1 to 2 hours each pay period to calculate and process payroll.

Puts you at risk for missing tax pay and file deadlines and receiving late penalties – on average 40% of small business owners incur $845 in IRS fines annually. 

Leaves you with no one to help when you run into complications with payroll tax laws or regulations.



Using SurePayroll

Makes it easy, saving you valuable time – run payroll in 2 minutes or less. 

Gives you unlimited support from our award-winning customer service and sales staff at no extra cost.

Takes care of payroll taxes automatically. Once you submit payroll, you're finished.

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Save time

  • Run payroll in 2 minutes or less: enter hours, preview and approve.
  • Focus on growing your business, not administrative work.
  • Make payroll easy - go online anytime, enter payroll, approve it and let us handle the rest.

Superior service

  • Enjoy friendly, U.S.-based award-winning payroll service available 6 days a week.
  • Access our payroll service experts that are standing by to assist you with the payroll process if needed.
  • Let us work on your behalf with taxing agencies should you ever have a problem.

Peace of mind

  • Get accurate, federal, state and local payroll tax filings with satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Help avoid costly payroll fines and make your payroll easy.
  • Enjoy a service that's backed by 40 years of payroll experience.

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