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SurePayroll Product Features 

You started your business because you know what you’re doing. You build, you create, you consult. But payroll is a constant issue that takes up your time and concentration and ties up money.

Getting it right means avoiding trouble and keeping up employee morale. That’s what SurePayroll does. We let you keep your money longer and be more flexible about how it gets out. We’re your business partner who handles the unfun stuff, letting you do what you do best. Let’s work together.


We’re The Original And The Best Online Payroll System For Small Businesses.

With more features and a consistently low price, we make your payroll easy. You focus on growing your business.


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SurePayroll Makes Payday Easy, Fast, and Affordable 




With a wide range of features and compatibility with all major systems, SurePayroll offers unique solutions for your unique business.


Payroll is your largest expense. We make it less expensive. Affordable solutions keep you compliant and on time without breaking the bank.

Pay Only For What You Use

You shouldn’t have to pay for features that you don’t use. By finding solutions for your business, you’ll only be paying for what fits your needs.

"I literally ran payroll on a battleship."

I was on vacation, touring the USS Arizona battleship, when SurePayroll sent me a reminder to run my company’s payroll. I logged into the SurePayroll app on my phone and about 3 clicks later, payroll was complete. A total of 15 seconds. I was happy and the tour guide didn’t even notice!

Jovim Ventura | InoPrints

Hold On to Your Money Longer

Most payroll companies hold onto your money for four days before disbursing it. Our Full Service two-day debit period means a shorter period of time where your cash is tied up. That gives you:


  • More cash on hand
  • More business flexibility
  • More consistent expenditures


It’s your money. We let you keep it and spend it however you want.

Enjoy Flexibility With Your Payroll

In your business, things can change daily. You might need to change how your payroll is handled on the fly. We don’t think you should be bound by your payroll company. We give you the flexibility to:


  • Run an extra payroll
  • Run payroll same-day or next-day
  • Cancel payment in case of an error


We’re your partner. We’ll work on your schedule.


Expertise. Availability. Peace of Mind.

When you use SurePayroll, you have access to our network of tax compliance experts and customer service, even on nights and weekends. It’s your pathway to peace of mind.


Stay Compliant

We know all the laws, all the paperwork, and all those little hyphenated rules the IRS keeps putting out


Meet Every Level of Taxes

We understand federal, local, and state taxes, not to mention the taxes where you sell or buy products.


Get Great Customer Service

We run customer service six days a week, with evening and weekend hours. We’re there for you.


Talk to knowledgeable experts

With our customer service, you talk to in-house experts who can guide you through tech AND compliance issues.


"Switching to SurePayroll was the best thing we could have done for my company."

The cost is low, and simply cannot be beat by anyone else that's out there for outsourcing payroll.  They do everything, including direct deposit, processing all of the forms and returns, all of the tasks that take more attention than I am able to give."

Kesha Toler | Patterson Realty - 2017 Realtor of the Year

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