Flexible Payroll for Small Business

For Those “When Life Happens” Moments

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Flexible Payroll Options for Small Business Owners

As a small business owner, you know what it’s like to be juggling all of the balls and keeping them moving seamlessly up in the air. You also know what it feels like when sometimes life happens, and you drop one, causing some complications.

From an emergency to a forgotten doctors appointment, or that time when your power and Wi-Fi go down, sometimes things pop up that cause you to have difficulties processing payroll. For those times when life happens, SurePayroll has included flexible payroll options for your small business payroll.

For most SurePayroll customers, the standard payroll period has a two-day processing window, meaning the time between payroll is scheduled, and the earliest day it can run. For other online payroll software, the standard payroll processing window can be more like a four-day window.

Below are the flexible payroll options SurePayroll offers for most customers:


  Flexible Payroll Table
Next-Day Payroll Schedule and run payroll the next business day, as long as you're able to get the payroll scheduled by 3:00 pm CST the prior business day.
Same-Day Payroll Run payroll the same business day you schedule it as long as you do so by 10:30 am CST.
Cancel Payroll Did you accidentally enter the wrong number or put a typo in a message you'd rather not send? In most cases, if you spot an error shortly after running payroll, you can hit "Cancel Payroll" and stop your payroll. As long as you are within the cancellation time window, you'll see the link to cancel payroll. From there you can start fresh.
Auto Payroll Is your payroll the same each period? If you have employees who make a standard salary or work a set number of hours in a given pay period, you can use our auto payroll feature to set and forget your payroll.

Flexible Payroll Guidelines

We do have a few rules in place for our flexible payroll options. Flexible payroll is eligible to:

  • Customers who have run at least six payrolls with us
  • Customers who have not had any instances of non-sufficient funds within the last six months

Additionally, expedited transactions are only available on business days, not bank holidays or weekends.

Flexible payroll is just one of the benefits available when you choose SurePayroll for your small business payroll needs. If you think we could be the online payroll software that helps your small business, request a quote today.