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SurePayroll Payroll Reports: We Help You Stay Organized

It’s one thing to run payroll, but another thing entirely to understand exactly what you’re doing.

At SurePayroll, it’s our job to keep you in the loop. And that’s why we provide access to a variety of online payroll reports. These reports are automatically included in your plan and allow you to better understand your payroll process, while remaining highly organized.


Report Name


Payroll Summary Detailed data for specific check dates, providing a high-level overview of all payments. A summary includes: earnings, employee taxes and deductions, and employer taxes and deductions.
Month-to-Date Each employee’s payroll data, such as gross and net pay, for a selected month.
Quarter-to-Date Each employee’s payroll data, such as the amount of taxes paid, for a selected quarter.
Year-to-Date Each employee’s payroll data, such as taxes and deductions, for a selected year.
Date Range Payroll data listed by employee for a defined date range. This allows you to create custom reports, such as a summary for January 1st through July 1st.
Cash Requirements Cash requirements for each payroll run. This includes: direct deposit total, employee taxes, and employer taxes.
Check Register A list of all employee payroll payments, including both paper checks and direct deposits.
Taxable Wages Payroll data including gross wages and all taxable wages.
Deductions Payroll deductions listed by employee, such as those for health insurance and retirement.


When you work with SurePayroll, you can easily access these payroll reports on your computer or mobile device. Contact us to learn more about payroll reports, to request a quote, or to sign up for a free one month trial.