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Give Thanks to Your Employees On National Employee Appreciation Day

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Stephanie Davis

National Employee Appreciation Day is an unofficial holiday observed each year on the first Friday in March. If your small business employs others, whether part-time or full-time, you should definitely mark this holiday on your calendar.

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Why does it matter?

How do you feel when somebody compliments you or thanks you for helping out with a task? You probably feel pretty good and are likely to repeat those actions in the future. The same logic applies to your employees. Even though your employees are working for you and not doing things for free, they want to be treated like a human being and know that the work they do for you and your business is valued. Treating your employees this way will likely increase employee engagement which is key for the success of your business. 

How should you celebrate?

The beauty of this holiday is there is no right or wrong way to celebrate your employees. It can be as simple as spending time with your employees, outside of direct work. Perhaps you take a half day and spend the day getting lunch or doing another team building activity. If it’s too hard to create the time and space to get away, you can always order in lunch to share. Perhaps you theme the whole week and have a special treat planned for each day.

Besides treats, it’s important to express to your employees with words, whether written or spoken, how much you appreciate them. Take some time to write a thank you card or spend five minutes talking with them and highlight the ways they help you. Your employees will be thrilled to know they are doing a good job and helping your business succeed. One study mention in an Inc. article states that "81 percent of employees say they would work harder for a grateful boss". 

What about the remaining 364 days?

While an official day to celebrate your employees is a great cause to do so, you should be doing it year-round. Perhaps you have quarterly check-ins with individual members or make an effort to call out the positive work that is being done in a team meeting. When an employee birthday rolls around, make an effort to celebrate and share treats with each other. Even things as simple as letting employees leave a little early before a holiday or encouraging them to take breaks during the day can help them feel appreciated. If you need more ideas, Just Works compiled a list of 35 cheap and easy ways to give thanks to your employees

Bottom Line

The options are endless for showing your employees that you care. Depending on your business and the personalities of your employees, some ideas may work better than others. If you’re truly at a loss for what you can do for your employees, ask them. Seeking feedback is important as a business owner and even asking what they would like is a sign that you care.  

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