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Why Flexibility Matters When It Comes to Payroll Processing

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Sarah Skerik

You probably don’t expect to see the word “flexible” used to describe payroll options, because there’s nothing flexible about pay dates or tax filing requirements – those deadlines are firm.  

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And if you have ever had the experience of forgetting to run your payroll on time or dealing with a bungled tax payment, well, at that point, payroll can feel as flexible as granite.

SurePayroll has some good news on this front, however, with a variety of flexible new options designed to make running payroll even faster and more stress-free:  same-day payroll, next-day payroll, and cancel payroll.

Next-Day and Same-Day Payroll

For most SurePayroll customers, the standard payroll period is two days between the time the payroll is scheduled and the earliest day it can run—which is a difference from the four-day window required by many payroll services.

Tip: If you’re evaluating payroll providers, be sure to ask what their standard payroll period is.

However, if you miss your regularly scheduled payroll day or have an immediate need to run payroll outside of your normal schedule (for example, in the case of a final paycheck for an employee leaving the business), our next-day and same-day payroll options can be real lifesavers.

  • Next-Day Payroll enables you to schedule and run payroll the next business day, as long as you’re able to get the payroll scheduled by 3:00 p.m. CST the prior business day. 
  • Same-Day Payroll allows you to run payroll the same business day you schedule it, as long as you do so by 10:30 a.m. CST. 

Yikes! Cancel!

Occasionally you dial a wrong number or send an embarrassing typo in a message. No big deal. However, typos in payroll amounts are a different story – you can wind up over- or underpaying employees, neither of which is good.  If you use SurePayroll, our cancel payroll feature may be able to help you avoid having to void your entire payroll or requiring a direct deposit reversal, which is both time-consuming and expensive.

Here’s how it works: in most cases, if you spot an error shortly after running your payroll, you can hit “Cancel Payroll” and halt your payroll in its tracks. If you’re within the cancellation time window, you’ll see the link to cancel your payroll.  Once the payroll is cancelled you can start fresh and enter the correct amounts.

Some Fine Print

Expedited payroll services such as Same-Day and Next-Day Payroll are available to qualifying customers who have run at least six payrolls with us and haven’t had any instances of non-sufficient funds within the last six months. In addition, expedited transactions are only available on business days, not bank holidays or weekends.  

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