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Form 8109

During a business' tax year, there are a number of tax payments that can be made in order to decrease the overall amount owed at the end of the tax year. When tax payments are made to the IRS on behalf of the business, there is a tax deposit coupon that can be completed in order to track these tax payments made, form 8109. Every tax payment made towards employer payroll taxes, income taxes within an organization, or any other type of tax imposed is tracked through completion of the form which represents how much was paid towards what is owed by the business, which can be used in filing at the end of the fiscal year.

While not all small business owners may need form 8109 due to not paying tax payments during the year, there are many that have higher revenue and decide to make various tax payments throughout the year. Most small business owners, in fact, do utilize the form, which is a tax deposit coupon to be used when filing end of year taxes.

During the startup process of a business, an EIN (Employer Identification Number) is issued to the business owner, which will be used for filing taxes and supplying forms to employees. Once the EIN is issued, the small business owner will receive a booklet with pre-printed form, which must be specially printed by the IRS. In the event that the business owner no longer has any more forms, there is an 8109-B which can be used temporarily, but the IRS must be contacted in order to obtain more forms.

Completion of the form takes place during the filing of the business' taxes, which could be used for a number of forms including:

Any quarterly or annual income taxes applied to the small business can be filed with the 8109 which will represent all tax payments that were made during the tax year, decreasing the total amount due for the business' taxes. All forms that are completed before January 1 of the tax filing year can be used with the various tax forms an employer must file, which could be towards payroll, income, or other taxes the business owes.

Paying taxes each year is a responsibility of all businesses large or small, with small businesses no exception. Ensuring the appropriate amount of taxes are paid, as well as the appropriate deductions taken from the taxes requires the use of this form.

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