Electronic Federal Tax Payment

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Electronic Federal Tax Payment

The Electronic Federal Tax Payment system is an easy way for small business owners to pay federal taxes online or by telephone. It is a service provided free of charge by the U.S. Department of the Treasury to businesses, individuals, and other federal tax agencies.

The Electronic Federal Tax Payment system has been used by the U.S. Federal Treasury since 1996 to help small business owners file their taxes in a more efficient, cost effective, and secure manner. The system has since evolved into a very convenient option for small business owners to pay their federal taxes.

Because it is provided electronically, the service is available online or by telephone at any time, day or night, proving to be far more convenient than regular snail mail. The EFTP offers an easily accessible, step-by-step process that even those who are less Internet savvy than others can use without trouble.

The EFTP system also effectively removes the risk of tax forms being lost in the mail or arriving late.

Pay Taxes Online:
Federal taxes may be paid through the EFTP system online at EFTPS.gov. To set up a business account for online payments, visit www.eftps.gov. Have a Taxpayer ID Number, which is either the Employer ID Number or a Social Security Number for individuals; financial institution information, including routing number, and the account number; and the name and address of the taxpayer as they appear on the business' IRS documents.

You will then be sent a PIN through the mail — it should arrive within seven business days. Upon receipt, return to the EFTPS.gov website, insert the PIN as well as your own online password, and begin setting up payments.

Pay Taxes By Phone:
For those who prefer the telephone, taxes may also be paid by calling the automated voice response system at 888.434.7338.

Only one enrollment session is required. After you are registered, you may use the system by phone or online interchangeably.

Payments will be deducted automatically from the account provided on the date selected, without hassle. Payments can be made up to 120 days ahead of schedule, ensuring that no taxes are ever forgotten. Plus, the system ensures that your banking information is always safe, without fail. You initiate every payment when it is most convenient for you.

Paying federal taxes electronically is an easy, convenient way to ensure that your business' taxes are never late or stressful.

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