Seasonal Payroll

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When it's Time to Hire Seasonal or Temporary Employees

SurePayroll makes it easy to add them to your payroll

Small businesses often need to hire seasonal or temporary employees. Whether you own a landscaping business, a holiday store, snow removal service or business is just picking up and you want some additional help, it may be challenging to add these new workers to your payroll.

Keep in mind with seasonal or temporary employees payroll is:

Running Payroll Yourself

  • Other services require you to call in and arrange changes to your employee payroll data
  • You'll need to calculate wages, benefits and taxes. Withhold their payroll taxes. Include them in your payroll taxes and filings
  • You'll need to manually report new hires to appropriate agencies


With SurePayroll You Get

  • Complete employer control — you can make changes to seasonal employee payroll instantly from your computer or smartphone
  • Payroll taxes done for you — we calculate, file and pay your federal, state and local payroll taxes for you
  • New hire reporting — for no extra charge, we handle new hire reporting for you automatically
Choose SurePayroll for your seasonal payroll and:
  • Save time and money
  • Get peace of mind
  • Use direct deposit or print checks yourself
  • Get industry-leading security