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Small Business Calculators

Gauge your costs with SurePayroll’s 25+ small business payroll calculators

Welcome to our free business and payroll calculator page! By clicking on a category below – payroll or small business– you’re taken to a page that provides access to a variety of free calculators, including the following:

Hourly Paycheck Calculator

Calculating payroll for hourly workers is different than salaried employees. Our hourly paycheck calculator allows you to calculate take-home wages, while better understanding the impact of deductions and other variables.

Paycheck Calculator

Use our paycheck calculator to quickly calculate the take-home wages for your employees every payroll period. You can also use it to calculate the impact of a raise, changes in premium deductions, adjustments to 401(k) contributions and much more.

Gross Pay Calculator

Do you understand how to calculate gross pay? This free online tool calculates gross pay based on take-home pay, while also allowing for adjustments for retirement contributions, insurance premiums and more.

Payroll Tax Calculator

Our payroll tax calculator is designed to help you quickly calculate payroll deductions and withholdings for your employees.

With this calculator, it’s easier to plan for the future and prevent mistakes, thus giving you peace of mind that you’re making all the right payroll decisions. 

Payroll Deductions

Fine-tune your payroll information and deductions, so you can provide employees with accurate and timely paychecks – without the fear of making an error. Our payroll deductions calculator comes complete with a list of definitions, helping you understand what numbers to input.

Self-Employment Tax Calculator

As a self-employed professional, you don’t have the luxury of an employer automatically withholding taxes from each paycheck. You’re responsible for paying a variety of taxes, which calls for proper planning.

Use our self-employment tax calculator to predict how much tax you’re required to pay, based on current IRS tax tables and codes.

Cash Flow Calculator

Cash flow is essential to the success of any business, so it’s important to have a firm grasp of whether your current cash flow is enough to cover payroll, purchases, loan payments, and other expenses.

Use our free cash flow calculator to calculate your current cash flow, understand your financial situation, and to make better business decisions in the future.

Use these payroll calculators, among many others, as often as you like. They’re free to use and automatically updated as payroll laws and tax tables change.

With SurePayroll, you don’t have to perform any payroll calculations. We calculate file and pay all federal, state and local payroll taxes on your behalf. Our online service is available anywhere, anytime, and includes unlimited customer support.

If you want a simple, easy-to-use payroll service, give us a call at 877.954.7873 or request a free payroll quote online.

For Current SurePayroll Customers

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Important Information

The payroll calculators that are provided on this Web site are only meant to provide general guidance and estimates about the payroll process. They should not be relied upon to calculate exact taxes, payroll or other financial data. They may not match your payroll results precisely and are not intended to provide tax or legal advice.

You should consult with a professional advisor or accountant regarding your specific payroll concerns.